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Early phase

You’ve started your business. Working with hundreds of business owners our holistic approach can future-pace your needs to ensure that you are ready for what’s next. We ensure that you mitigate risks through our insurance gap-analysis while providing access to the best employee benefit solutions for you and your growing team.

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Growth phase

You’ve navigated the early start-up phase and are growing. You have excess cash and wonder what you should do next. Do you take more money out personally or keep it in the business? Is there another option? You may be ready to consider establishing a Family Trust and Holding Company structure. Trusts can enable you to split income to reduce or defer taxes and help you reduce capital gains after your death. Trusts can also help you avoid the added costs of probate.

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Maturity phase

Business owners often have much of their wealth tied to the future sale of their business. When the time comes for you to leave your business will you be ready? Succession planning is at the core of our 360° Impact process and is essential to making a smooth transition to new ownership and management. Planning your exit strategy carefully can maintain the value of your business.

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Frequently asked questions

I’m a sole proprietor, should I incorporate my business?

Deciding when to incorporate depends on a number of factors including: expected business growth and tax benefits, liability protection and access to capital to name a few.

My business is well established and growing. I have more cash than I need to fund my business and my lifestyle, what do I do now?

You may be ready to consider establishing a Holding Company and potentially a Family Trust structure. We work with clients and their accountants to ensure the pros and cons are considered.

I’m considering retirement and want to sell my business, where do I start?

Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs allows us to see inside many sectors and exit approaches. We work with you and your accountant to determine how much you need and how much you want. We help determine the right structure (sale of shares vs assets) and the available buyer options that could include family, employees or an outside buyer.

We help navigate life’s most important financial decisions

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