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We can’t predict the future
but we can prepare for it.


We focus on what matters and what you can control. Our unique 360° Impact process is designed to put all of the pieces of your financial puzzle together to ensure you, your family and your business are ready for what’s next.


FIT Meeting

During our initial meeting, in person or virtual, we will discuss your goals and expectations and how our approach may align. The purpose of this initial meeting is to determine if there is a mutual fit.



Once a fit is established, we provide a checklist to gather relevant financial information to begin to paint the picture of your current situation. After providing the items a Client Discovery meeting will be booked to provide clarity and establish goals.



With your Client Discovery complete, our team will get to work designing the roadmap. Relevant planning and strategies, tailored to achieve your goals, will be presented at our next meeting.



Following the review of our proposed roadmap, an agreed upon approach is selected and our team will work with you to implement. For clients with more complex needs, a complete Personal Financial Organizer or binder, to serve as your financial hub, is developed.



Following the implementation of the plan and strategies, regular reviews and check-ups, much like with your doctor, are required to ensure we remain on course to achieve the established goals. Life happens and mid-course corrections are often required to navigate to our destination.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to a fit meeting?

Just you and a general understanding of what you have such as: investment and property holdings, debt, and any corporate holdings. The purpose of the fit meeting is to determine there is a mutual fit so it is important to understand where you are and what your goals, values and expectations are to ensure we can help.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to have an initial meeting. If there is a mutual fit and we move to the discovery stage, you will provide details on your financial situation and we will identify gaps you should be aware of. We are paid only if there is an identified need and you choose to implement a solution such as in investment account or insurance solution. The fee structure of the various solutions is very transparent, our goal is to deliver uncompromised value to you, your family and your business.

What is a PFO or Personal Financial Organizer?

For more complex needs, we provide a Personal Financial Organizer (PFO). This binder serves as your financial hub to include important items such as your: professional advisor contacts, retirement plan, will, estate plan, business succession plan, investment portfolio, insurance portfolio, corporate and real estate holdings, tax strategy and on-going reviews to name a few. Peace of mind comes from being well organized.

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