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Working primarily with successful entrepreneurs and families in Atlantic Canada we act as your personal CFO – or Central Family Office. Our unique 360° Impact process is designed to future-pace your needs, identifying gaps you may not be aware of and offer solutions that you may not know exist. We align your goals and values with tailored solutions for you, your family and your business including:

Your Personal


Early Phase

Early Phase

Starting early, saving often and knowing how to invest can mean retiring on your own terms instead of being forced to work well into your retirement years.

Pro Tip

Did you know that by starting early and investing as little as $10/day in a leading equity portfolio you can achieve over $1 million at retirement?*

*Fidelity Growth Calculator



Retirement phase

Nearly 6 in 10 Canadians are planning to retire later than expected due to the rising cost of living*.

Pro Tip

Did you know that 94% of retirees with a financial plan reported being prepared for their retirement*? What’s your plan?

*2023 Fidelity Retirement Report



Legacy phase

You want to leave a lasting legacy for the people and causes you care about most – today and for generations to come.

Pro Tip

Do you know the 7 questions that successful families ask when leaving a lasting legacy?

We help navigate life’s most important financial decisions

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