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Working primarily with successful entrepreneurs and families in Atlantic Canada we act as your personal CFO – or Central Family Office. Our unique 360°Impact process is designed to future-pace your needs, identifying gaps you may not be aware of and offer solutions that you may not know exist. We align your goals and values to with tailored solutions for you, your family and your business including:

Your Business Journey


Early phase

Early phase

You’ve secured your first business loan, signed a personal guarantee with the bank and are starting your first business.

Pro Tip

Did you know that only 50% of businesses see their 5th birthday?* Through proper planning you can reduce creditor risk that could see your bank taking your personal savings and even home in the event of business failure?

Small Business Failure Rate



Growth phase

Your business is well established and is generating extra income not needed for operations or for your lifestyle. You need to put the extra income to work tax-efficiently.

Pro Tip

Did you know that successful entrepreneurs often use a tax-efficient strategy involving investing in cash-building insurance as an asset class inside their Holding Company?



Maturity phase

You have grown a successful business and now is the time to consider exit options. Common questions include: what is my business worth? How do I find a buyer? Do I sell my shares or assets?

Pro Tip

Did you know that with proper tax planning you may qualify for the Small Business Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption that could allow multiple family members to receive over $1 million each tax-free through the use of a Family Trust?*

*CFIB – LIfetime capital gains.

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