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A SMART approach
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Build Sustainable Wealth

Our clients often have unique needs that call for a variety of investment strategies. As an independent firm we align your goals and values with award-winning investment and insurance solutions designed to reduce risk, minimize tax and deliver results. We offer a wide range of investment accounts and vehicles to cater to your specific financial situation, future plans and risk tolerance.

Investment Solutions

• Group Retirement Savings
• Individual Pension Plans
• Wealth Creation using
• Use of Holding Companies
• Wealth Transfer using Family Trusts
• Tax-efficient Corporate Class Mutual Funds
• HISA’s & GIC’s

Our S.M.A.R.T. Investing Approach


Start with Goals & Values

We establish your goals & values to ensure our investment recommendations align. As a leader in Sustainable Investing, we tailor strategies designed to reduce Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and deliver results.


Mitigate Taxes

Mitigate – to make less severe, serious or painful. That definition sums up our approach to tax planning. We ensure our investment strategy is designed to mitigate taxes during both the wealth accumulation stage and when you withdraw funds.


Asset Allocation Selection

How each investment account is allocated into various assets classes is an important step. The proportion of equity (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and safety solutions (cash), including considering the benefits of using insurance as an asset class, are key considerations in any portfolio.


Review Special Considerations

Does the business owner have personal guarantees that require creditor protection solutions to safeguard assets? Does the portfolio demand a tailored approach to align with core values like sustainable investing? Are there specific estate, family legacy or philanthropic considerations that need to identify various beneficiaries or protection requirements?


Tailored Best-in-Class Solutions

We view our role much like the coach of a professional sports team. To be a professional athlete. you need to be good. To be elite, you need to be great. Professional money management is no different. We look for legends!

Frequently asked questions

How can I protect my investments from creditors?

Segregated funds (seg funds) are a type of investment product offered by insurance companies. Similar to mutual funds, Seg Funds come with additional features such as principal protection and creditor protection, making them attractive for individuals seeking to safeguard their investments against creditors.

How can I grow my corporate investments and reduce my tax bill?

Fidelity Investments Corporate Class and Tax-Smart Solutions can both save and defer taxes. Key advantages include: interest income is taxed as capital gains to reduce taxes, Fidelity’s industry leading structure and for corporate investors, tax savings through the business Capital Dividend Account (CDA).

What other solutions can reduce my taxes and transfer wealth to my beneficiaries?

By using a Corporate Participating Life Insurance (ideally inside a Holding Company), business owners can put excess cash to work in a tax-efficient way by both generating income and providing a tax-free death benefit. Key advantages include: tax-efficiency, liquidity, flexibility, better risk adjusted returns and an attractive death benefit.

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