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You need an affordable, stable benefits plan to attract and retain top talent. As Canada’s #1 Employee Benefits program with over 30,000 businesses and non-profits across Canada, the Chambers Plan has been protecting Canadian’s for over 40 years. As a non-profit, any surpluses are put back into the plan to keep rates stable and predictable. The Chambers Plan is the simple, stable, smart choice for business; combining accessibility, flexibility and the stability of pooled benefits. Excellent service, value-added benefits and industry-leading rate stability, the Chambers Plan delivers:

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Every Chambers Plan quote starts with asking the right questions such as: Do you have a plan currently? How many employees? What benefits would you like included?



Your Chambers Plan is designed to the needs of your employees and the benefits that you include. Our team will provide options and advice from our work in your specific sector.



After a plan design and cost is agreed upon, we work with you to complete the easy online application for your firm and your team.

Complete our easy online application and you’ll soon be on your way to having peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I consider an employee benefits plan for my business?

Offering employee benefits can attract and retain top talent, boost morale, and demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ well-being, all of which are crucial for the success and growth of your business.

How can I better manage the cost of our group insurance plan to avoid big increases?

The power of the pool. As a non-profit organization, Chambers Plan pooling is largest of its kind, spreading claims over a large pool and allowing smaller employers the benefit of purchasing power. Chambers Plan offers affordability, rate stability, and unique features for you and your team.

Why hasn’t my advisor provided the Chambers Plan as an option?

Simple. They don’t have access to offer this plan. Unlike other advisors, the Chambers Plan network services all of Canada based on your postal code, ensuring you get tailored group benefits solutions from experienced local advisors. As the second-largest advisory office in Atlantic Canada, Impact Wealth is proud to serve you!

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