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Protection for you
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Peace of mind comes from knowing you, your family and business is protected when it matters most. Our full suite of personal and business insurance solutions and expert have you covered.

Life insurance

Knowing that you have the right personal life insurance tailored to fit your unique needs is critical. We offer leading Term, Participating Whole Life and Universal Life solutions.

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Health insurance

Are you covered for an unexpected illness? The risk that unexpected health care costs will deplete your retirement savings is a serious concern for Canadians.

Elements by Medavie Blue Cross is designed to fit your budget and grow with you to provide the protection you need. You can mix and match coverage and add or remove members to your policy. Best of all, you can pass coverage on to your children when they leave your plan.

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Disability insurance

Paycheque protection is an important part of any sound financial plan. A comprehensive disability insurance policy can provide an income stream in the event of an accident or disability. Through our leading providers your income can keep pace with inflation for long-term needs.

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Critical illness insurance

A diagnosis of cancer or the sudden onset of a heart attack or stroke can significantly impact your financial future. Through a critical illness policy, these conditions and many others can provide a lump sum payment to support recovery at a critical time and include return of premium if not needed.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I take mortgage insurance offered by my bank?

Often clients are well advised to buy their own life insurance to cover personal debts rather than accept mortgage insurance through their bank. Having the flexibility to choose your own beneficiary, change lenders and the amount of coverage you need are just a few of the benefits of owning your own life insurance policy.

I have Disability Insurance through work, is that enough?

Disability insurance is often known as paycheque protection and is an important part of any sound financial plan. Often there is a gap between the disability insurance under your group benefits plan and what your take-home pay is; we can help fill the gap.

What if I have a heart attack or get diagnosed with cancer?

Critical illness insurance can protect you and your family from the financial impact a diagnosis can have. Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of over 20 critical conditions and can offer a return of premium if no claims are needed.

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